businessman - questionaireFrom time to time, we at Framework find a topic that we have a deep interest in, but needs further study to gain the kind of insight that we find to be satisfying.

In these cases, we launch our own research projects in order to come up with answers that make some sense to us.  We do it on our own dollar, simply because we love coming up with solutions to tough, complex questions.

Here are the major research projects we have undertaken in the recent past.

The Caribbean Acquisition Project  (2000-2004)

This project was a comprehensive study of best-practices undertaken by Jamaican companies that were acquired in the late 1990s.  In interviews of almost 50 executives, we found that many companies were aware of what their approach to acquisitions should entail, but that they consistently failed to implement their own best thinking.

To receive the report entitled “Filling the Gap: Caribbean Acquisition Project Phase 1 Technical Report 2.0“,  click on the link or fill in your contact information below and hit Submit.

The Trinidadian Executive in Jamaica  (2006-7)

During the Caribbean Acquisition Project, the issue of cultural differences cropped up in quite a significant way.   In particular, the transition that Trinidadian executives were making in becoming managers in Jamaican companies sparked an interest that led to client projects, and ultimately to a one-of-a kind study that included interviews with more than 30 Trinidadians who had made the transition. The report is available by filling in the following form and clicking on the Submit button.

Time Management 2.0 (2007-present)

All of the Framework consultants moved to the Caribbean after spending significant time working abroad.  We all had to make the transition to working in “Caribbean time”, and it led to some deeper questions about how time is managed.

The result is an evolving piece of research and innovation that applies to professionals in every company.  Several papers have ben written, including some that are targeted towards the Caribbean.

Here is a link to the most important paper that was published by on their website.  To receive the pdf, simply fill in the form below and click submit.



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