Time Management

Our expertise in time management has been extended in two areas:

  1. The online programme, MyTimeDesign Plus+.
  2. The NewHabits Foundations programme, which as been offered to companies and individuals in Jamaica and Trinidad.

One company in particular recently sent two of its highest ranking executives, and here is what they had to say in their own words.

Company:  Dairy Industries Jamaica Ltd. (a member of the GraceKennedy group of companies)

Andrew Ho, General Manager:

The New Habits workshop was a life changing experience for me. It has brought organization and greater clarity to my work life. By adopting a few simple practices my days are more productive, I feel a greater sense of accomplishment, I feel as if I have more control over my time and I feel I am a more effective executive because I am achieving the things that I set out to do. Recurring deadlines and reports that I once was always late with, I am now meeting easily. …I honestly feel as if my productivity has increased by 20-30%.

Michael Zajac, Production Manager:

It’s been a pleasure being a part of the programme and having your advice.. has really been fantastic… I really valued your advice and input….  I can only encourage others to have a go at it, and continually challenge yourselves… it’s been a fantastic experience and something that I’ll very much carry forward to the rest of my working career… absolutely.

To hear the audio interview with Michael Zajac on his experience with NewHabits, click here.

For more information on how to bring the NewHabits-NewGoals programme to your company, click here: http://2time-sys.com/commerce/newhabitsinhouse

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