Changing Corporate Culture

iStock_000002894402XSmallA client in the financial services industry had a problem-–the strategy that management had developed required their employees to be sales-minded and to refer their friends and family to the institution as customers.  These were very new behaviours for staff that had grown up in a conservative, traditional environment.  Prior to this point, employees had been very much in the mode of sitting back and ignoring the efforts of management to make a difference to the bottom line.

Framework Consulting built an intervention around our Breakthrough Essentials programme. We gave employees the opportunity to see where their attitudes did not support their commitment to do a good job. The three-day programme involved working with employees in groups of 16, and it required an unprecedented level of sharing and truth-telling.

The programme ignited a firestorm of enthusiasm, in which employees launched a weekend sales drive to visit local neighbourhoods, and share the company’s products and services by walking from one house to the next.

They quickly discovered that their enthusiasm needed to be supplemented by specific product training, as their customers asked  them more detailed questions than they had answers to.  They met with the CEO and asked for both product training and sales training, and they agreed that the training could be conducted on their own time.

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