We hope you never have the need to call us.


Our consulting work is geared towards the solution of tough people problems, and our sincere hope is that you find something in our ezines, blogs, white papers, etc. that you can use to solve the everyday issues that crop up in every company.  Hopefully, you don’t have tough people problems!

iStock_000006118102XSmallHowever, sometimes you do find yourself staring in the face of a difficult human resource issue.  In those moments, it makes sense to call in a professional, much in the same way that you would call in a surgeon when the need is acute, the problem is severe or the opportunity is significant.

At those times, you want precision, expertise and tactful professionalism to help you produce the results you want.

We recognize that you are experts at understanding how your company works, especially in terms of its  culture and politics.  For this reason, we work with you in a partnership to determine what interventions are needed, and whether or not we are the right firm for the job.

Our first step is to form a team including one of your executives or managers.  We undertake what we call Co-Diagnosis, in which we understand the scope and nature of the issues you face.

One that’s done we engage in Co-Design, and the team brainstorms possible solutions.  We estimate the current impact, the cost of implementation and the bottom-line benefit of each piece of the problem.

(The process of Co-Diagnosis and Co-Design may be as short as half a day, and as long as a week, depending on the complexity of the issue being addressed.)

Then we help you to decide which interventions are the best to conduct in keeping with your budget.  We understand that it’s possible that the best choice may not include our involvement.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with any budget, however, inclusive of pro-bono projects.  While we don’t accept every project that comes our way, we are flexible enough to be able play a role of some kind in any project that you have, regardless of the size of your company or your project.

Once you make a decision work with us, we work alongside you to implement the final project, keeping our eye on the cost/benefit results you are trying to accomplish.

While no two interventions are the same, we do apply a common set of design principles to each engagement, including the following:

  • See and tell the ugliest truths
  • Create public opportunities to inquire into issues
  • Build critical skills and practice to embed new behaviours
  • Change systems to support new habits

Call us today if you find yourself in need of assistance.

If the timing isn’t right, let’s stay in touch and in communication via our publications: FirstCuts, the One Page Digest or our blog.  You may also use Twitter or Facebook to start to build a relationship between our firm and yours.

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