Company Facts

Framework Consulting had its genesis in 1993, when founder Francis Wade left AT&T BellAboutUsButton Laboratories to start a management consulting firm. The company was the precursor to Framework Consulting, a Hollywood FL, USA company with a subsidiary in Kingston, Jamaica and a presence in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

The company’s Vision and Mission statements are as follows:

Vision 2030: Framework is a world-class, global-serving consulting firm, with a core of partners and excellent support staff and a virtual, cohesive network of independent consultants.

Mission Statement: In partnership with our clients, Framework designs interventions for individuals and Caribbean companies which provide unique, practical solutions to difficult “people problems”. We use the best ideas in the world, combined with the latest technology, to produce both results and experiences that are unattainable without us.

To learn more about the approach the company uses, read the book “Powered by Principle” by Amie Devero. She is a former partner at Framework Consulting.  She uses many of real-life projects and case studies from the firm’s archives to show that companies achieve better results when they use values that are explicitly defined and implemented.

It’s a great way to get deeply acquainted with the work of Framework amie-bookConsulting, particularly in the areas of strategy and culture change.

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