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Welcome to Framework Consulting.

We are an international firm which does most of its work in two areas: time-based productivity and improving Caribbean companies.

Time-Based Productivity

In our work to improve the time management skills of the global knowledge worker, we have applied ideas from Operations Research and Business Process Management in a way that is distinct.

The core, unique idea at the center of our work is that human beings attempt to manage their tasks in a peculiar way. They create them in their minds, capture them, store them, list them, schedule them and execute them in order to achieve their goals. By following this process, they are manipulating tasks, a type of psychological object, the way they would manage a physical object.

The fact that they are trying to do so is a fact established by research. What is not well known is that for most people, the process they use is home-grown and unconscious. The net result is that it’s hard for them to become more productive; they don’t comprehend the mechanics of their current habits, practices, and tools.

Our work focuses on illuminating these inner workings to empower people to make their own interventions, thereby accomplishing their goals. This commitment is expressed in our books, training both online and live plus other content and a presence in social media

For more information about the work we do in this area, visit the website for 2Time Labs which is owned by Framework Consulting. It’s the avenue through which we share our latest research and publications.

Caribbean Companies

Our work in time-based productivity was born out of our concern for the performance of Caribbean companies and the challenge they have in solving difficult “people problems”.

If you’re like most regional executives or high-level managers, you may know what it’s like to feel stuck in the midst of a human resource problem—wanting to make a critical change, but frustrated that nothing you’re trying seems to work.

At this point, you will have tried all the easy solutions you could think of. You’ve attempted to coach, cajole, or manage your way out of the situation—but for some reason, the organisation refuses to move to the level of performance that you want. You increasingly suspect that the problem has to do with the culture of the company, but you’re more at home focusing on the results that you can measure: sales, costs, employee satisfaction, project execution and quality.

The complaints you hear tell you that you cannot ignore the situation. However, you don’t want to throw “just anything” at the problem. Instead, the situation calls for precise and targeted solutions that bring some new thinking to the table—and solutions that demonstrate to all stakeholders that you’re doing something more than “business as usual”.

In the region, the best interventions combine a variety of new techniques with an understanding of Caribbean work culture. They must be fresh, effective, and economical. The unique history of our workplaces means that routine, foreign-based solutions often result in cultural mismatches.

We offer three kinds of assistance.

1. Shared Insights

Via newspaper articles, white papers, blogs, social media and podcasts we share insights on our findings from work we have performed across the region. Unlike many others, we welcome the moments when companies “steal” our ideas and use them in productive ways. As such, we freely share our findings in via multiple channels, many of which are listed on this website.

2. Informal Advice

We regularly share ideas with company executives via complimentary sessions. Most are conducted by phone, but we also visit companies to share insights on specific topics as part of our Lunch and Learn series.

3. Custom Interventions

When companies call us in for direct assistance, we start with Co-Diagnosis – an attempt which involves the client in gaining a fresh look at the problem. We continue by crafting a solution with them – Co-Design – and then offer solutions which are suitable for the culture of the company. An example might be the following steps.

  1. Understand the nature of the problem to be solved
  2. Pull from the best techniques available worldwide
  3. Craft an approach with a number of options with a variety of budgets
  4. Start applying solutions at the top of the organization
  5. Use executives to lead change by example and demonstration

Companies using this approach have found that they’re able to produce interventions that are sharp, but not harsh. They are a perfect fit for the situation and a match for your needs.

To learn more about the individual consultants who are involved in most interventions, click below.


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